Saturday, October 1, 2022


Judge shoots down Alex Mendez’s ‘selective prosecution’ argument

Councilman Alex Mendez, who faces election fraud charges from the 2020 Paterson elections, failed to convince a judge Thursday that he was facing...


The 2022 midterm elections, explained

The 2022 midterms are coming up on November 8, when voters across the US will decide who...

Savvy’s $38B plan to make Saudi Arabia a global gaming hub

Interested in finding out what's next for the gaming industry? Join gaming executives to discuss emerging areas of the industry this October...



Starting off the new financial year the right way!

Just like any other new year, we start with good intentions, however, the difference between success and failure lies in how hard we...




How do astronomers measure stars in a three-dimensional sky?

Anyone interested in astronomy realizes that the stars are scattered in three-dimensional space and are not, as the ancients thought, points of light...

Want a better battery? Ask this AI and robotics system

Batteries are more important than ever as they drive cars, power our myriad devices, and...

The pandemic may be stunting young adults’ personality development

The psychological development of young adults may have been affected, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. In general, people tend to become more conscientious and...

Three Reasons Hurricane Ian Poses a Major Flooding Hazard for Florida

The following essay is reprinted with permission from The conversationan online publication covering the latest research. Hurricane Ian strengthened into a major storm on...

Shimmering ‘Lakes’ Under The South Pole of Mars Might Be Something Else Entirely : ScienceAlert

What scientists thought were lakes of liquid water hiding under the southern polar ice cap of Mars may turn out to be... just...


Pamukkale is a place we've heard the name of, but don't know much about. We're pretty light on planning at the best...





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