20 NBA Teams Received Combined $404M In Payments From 10 Highest Revenue Teams

20 NBA Teams Received Combined 4M In Payments From 10 Highest Revenue Teams

Twenty teams received payment from the NBA’s revenue sharing plan for the 21-22 season.

The Indiana Pacers received the largest share at $42.2 million, while the Golden State Warriors had the largest contribution of $45 million.

The ten teams contributing to revenue sharing include the aforementioned Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers ($42.8 million), New York Knicks ($20.9 million), Boston Celtics ($15.7 million), Chicago Bulls ($10 million), Dallas Mavericks ($8.8 million), Philadelphia 76ers ($6.4 million), Miami Heat ($5 million) and Brooklyn Nets ($3 million).

Other teams receiving payments are the Denver Nuggets ($35.5 million), Portland Trail Blazers ($321 million), Charlotte Hornets ($31.6 million), Sacramento Kings ($29 million), New Orleans Pelicans ($28.9 million), Memphis Grizzlies ($28 million), San Antonio Spurs ($26.3 million), Minnesota Timberwolves ($25.6 million), Orlando Magic ($23.4 million), Detroit Pistons ($21.5 million), Cleveland Cavaliers ($19.9 million), Oklahoma City Thunder ($17.5 million), Utah Jazz ($11.7 million) , Atlanta Hawks ($10.8 million), Washington Wizards ($7.2 million), Milwaukee Bucks ($6.7 million), Toronto Raptors ($2.1 million), Phoenix Suns ($1.6 million) and Houston Rockets ($931k).

Those 20 teams share a combined $404.1 million in revenue sharing contributions.