$2,000 Monthly Side Income with Sports Betting?

,000 Monthly Side Income with Sports Betting?

How PromoGuy’s +EV bettors have generated over $53k in consistent betting income over the past 26 months.

Nowadays, there are a few ways people can make a little extra cash…have an extra bedroom? Start an AirBnB. Have a game? Start a YouTube basketball tutorial channel. The truth is that there are many ideas that sound good, but can take a long time to get off the ground. However, with +EV betting, you can start in less than an hour, for a small initial investment, and see profits immediately.

I’m a sports nut, so sports betting has always interested me. When I heard that thousands of people do $2,000/month from sports betting I started out skeptical, but my opinion changed very quickly. I found out on a website called PromoGuy [https://www.promoguy.us/sportsbook/getting-started/ utm_source=bil&utm_medium=site&utm_campaign=pgred#bil-discount]are like online stores that offer discounts, sportsbooks offer highly profitable bonuses and raise all the time!

PromoGuy’s Winning Method
Basically, PromoGuy looks for special sports betting deals and reads the fine print
you do not need. Then, they recommend the best ways for you to start betting big bigger bankroll by using signup bonuses. PromoGuy is run by a small team of experienced bettors who are constantly looking for the best odds and promos to give you an edge at the sportsbooks. Their mathematical strategy is called +EV Betting [How +EV Betting Works]. With this system, they’re not betting on hunches or what they think LeBron will score based on the night’s game (props for breaking the record). Instead, they only bet when there is a statistical advantage to a bet compared to what the actual value should be, or the odds.

Sports Betting Picks on Twitter
If you go to twitter @PromoGuyUSit doesn’t take long to see tons of positive comments from their over 24k followers.

Account tracked over $53,000 in 26 consecutive profitable months. If you look at other profiles on #gamblingtwitter, it’s easy to see the difference between
@PromoGuyUS and others. Here are a few things I learned from the experience:

1. Do not trust selection services that do not clearly track their bets.
2. If someone only posts winning bets, that’s a huge red flag.
3. There are a ton of profiles that only bet 4+ leg parlays, chances are they are profitable at
the long run is next to zero.

Also, you can DM them with questions about getting started, or for getting something specific
betting rules, and guess what, they actually answer! Most of the picks are linked to a “Promo
Checklist” that is easy to follow and offers plenty of insight into each day’s slate of matchups.

Become an Expert!

After you check out the PromoGuy website [https://www.promoguy.us/sportsbook/getting-started/?utm_source=bil&utm_medium=site&utm_campaign=pgred#bil-discount]and @PromoGuyUS, you might want to take it to the next level. In their PromoGuy Plus VIP Discord group there are more picks, and more income, but another big plus is seeing the behind the scenes effort that goes into being a handicapper [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handicapping]. You get access to all the tools you need to truly become a +EV betting expert.