Alexis Ohanian Takes Olympia on Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Alexis Ohanian Takes Olympia on Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Olympia Ohanian is just like her mother, in more ways than one. On March 10, Alexis Ohanian shared that she treating her daughter, Olympia, on a daddy-daughter date night, complete with a bouquet of flowers. As if that wasn’t cute enough, the 5-year-old’s mom pointed out her tennis-star mom when she stole her dad’s coat after the night turned chilly.

Alexis posted three photos from their “date” night on Instagram. In the first two, Olympia delivers a complete look with purple heart-shaped glasses, daisy sandals, and a wrist full of bracelets. But in the third, she smiles at an outdoor restuarant while holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing her father’s suit jacket. “I took @olympiaohanian on her first date last night ❤️ Of course she was cold (like her mom) and I gave her my jacket,” he captioned the adorable photos.

Although Alexis calls their outing Olympia’s first “date,” she and her father spend a lot of time together. Last summer, they had a blast attended a “Bridgerton” tea party and visiting all the sites in London while Williams competed at Wimbledon. The loving father also took his daughter a special trip at Waffle House in 2022. (Waffle House played a key role in Alexis’ founding of Reddit.)

Through it all, the founder of Reddit made it clear that being a father changed his life for the better. In September 2022, he celebrated Olympia’s 5th birthday with a sweet tribute on Instagram. “How are you 5️⃣ @olympiaohanian ??” he wrote at the time. “I love you more every single day, you’ve made me a better man, and I’m so thankful that your mom brought you into this world 💪 I’m gonna Uppy you forever!”