Blac Chyna Says Tokyo Toni Is Blocked After ‘Hurtful’ Online Antics

Blac Chyna Says Tokyo Toni Is Blocked After ‘Hurtful’ Online Antics

Across Tokyo Toni’s “offensive” online presence, Blac Chyna he never lost his love for his mother. Instead, the said the businessman he keeps Tokyo away while praying for his recovery.

In an episode of Jason Lee’s self-titled show, Chyna recently opened up about her private three-year affair, history with the Kardashians, and fragile relationship with her mother. In an hour-and-a-half episode, he reveals that things in Tokyo aren’t always so broken. However, he said, “It’s definitely something there.”

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“…I feel like we tried to work things out and stuff. All I can do as a child is to love her truly because she is still my mother at the very end of the day,” she said. “And I still love him to this day, even sitting here now. And I don’t take things to heart because you just never know what the next person is going through.”

Instead of reacting to Toni online, Chyna, real name Angela White, said she saw it and was praying for it.

“So I just pray for her, I see. It hurts so much. But I don’t take it to heart. I just pray about it and I give it to God and I just wash my hands with it,” said White. “And after that, I just take all of that and remember that I have two kids and they’re going to have a happy good life and a mom that’s there and everything else under the sun. But I love Toni.”

Chyna Denies She Is In The Illuminati As Tokyo Toni Previously Claimed

In mid-February, Tokyo Toni went viral–one of several times–for teasing her daughter. In a series of videos, Toni says she feels “marked for death” because of Chyna’s alleged ties to the Illuminati.

“I’m saying now Chyna, you’re done with this. They will take you…Don’t say I didn’t say this or prepare this…They will destroy him, they will drug him…I am so scared of him. I swear to God she will sacrifice me for more…,” Toni said in the video.

In his conversation with Lee, White denied involvement in the alleged ‘get-rich-and-famous-in-exchange-for-your-soul’ society. The mega influencer also said that he did not know why Tokyo made such statements. When Lee asked if Tokyo was also calling Chyna with the same online prank, she said her mother had limited access to her.

“There’s no way I can talk to him right now,” Chyna said, confirming that she “blocked” Toni. “Yes, just now. I had to respect myself and my boundaries and my peace. You know what I mean, I have other things to worry about.”

Elsewhere in the interview, White and Lee discuss the 2019 ‘so rock it’ viral moment on his reality show The Real Blac Chyna. Lee asked why the influencer why he gave Toni grace. He replied, “I don’t want to hurt my mother. That’s funny.”

Blac Chyna Reveals She’s Not Doing OnlyFans Anymore

White also said that he wishes their mother-daughter relationship was different. Lee asked if she thought Toni considered her grandchildren, King and Dream, in the online rants. Chyna replied, “I do not think so.”

He added:

“And that’s another reason why I want to, you know, get out of some of the things that I’m doing. At a certain age, they see and are attracted to everything.”

As an example, he announced that he no longer creates content for OnlyFans. In June 2022, Statista published a report claiming that Chyna earned around $20 million per month in 2021 from the exclusive content platform. In addition, he is named OnlyFan’s creator with the highest earnings that year.

When Lee asked why he shut down his huge income stream, he said:

“Because I’m just changing everything about me, and it’s just a dead end. All that stuff is a dead end and I know I’m worth more than that.”