CASETiFY Mandalorian iPhone cases now available

CASETiFY Mandalorian iPhone cases now available

Today, CASETiFY officially launched its latest collection of Star Wars iPhone 14 cases, this time putting everyone’s favorite bounty hunter in the spotlight. The new lineup of gear from The Mandalorian including more than just phone cases for the latest Apple, and carrying a whole host of other accessories. Although CASETiFY’s bread and butter are definitely the covers, and we’re reviewing a few of those all new releases along with the shiny Beskar Ingot case.

Hands-on with CASETiFY’s new Mandalorian iPhone 14 case

CASETiFY makes some of our favorite cases here at 9to5Toys, both in protective and stylish types. As for the latest in the last category, the brand is back with a new series of Star Wars cases for the iPhone 14 and all the other latest Apple releases. But unlike last year’s lineup that put a more general focus on a galaxy far, far away, this time the company is giving Din Djarin and Grogu the spotlight with a new collection featuring the Mandalorian.

Everything in the lineup is now available for purchase and kicks off at $38. There are cases and accessories at almost every price point right up to the most premium releases, which are very shiny new Beskar Ingot iPhone 14 case which we will look at today. But before that, let’s see what the rest of the lineup looks like for those who don’t want to shell out Beskar’s worth of money on a new cover.

No one joins the lineup quite like new case of CASETiFY Grogu, which delivers on everything I’ve come to expect from the brand of late. There’s the company’s typical protective form-factor, premium build, and of course a fun design – all things that CASETiFY does better than most brands on the market.

Of course, the holy trinity of features earns you a steeper price tag than your average option. At its most affordable, you can pay $68 for the cover. Although in true CASETiFY fashion, you’ll have eight different form-factors available from the slim clear cover with MagSafe to the more basic offerings. The model they sent was one of the standard offerings without a magnetic ring. Although for more thoughts on what to expect from MagSafe cases, be sure to check out this past hands-on review. It discusses some of the models included in the CASETiFY Mandalorian collection, just without the fun Star Wars designs.

However, back to the actual cover, I love how simple the Grogu case is. The artwork is a delightful shot that departs from more realistic depictions of the galaxy’s most lovable bounty – delivering a more stylish look for Mando’s companion. The way he pops out of the side of your case is also enjoyable and really delivers a cover with more personality than one that just slaps Grogu’s likeness on it.

The case itself is made up of the same premium rubber that I’ve written home about over and over as well. It’s still one of the my favorite clear cases during the market, but of course is even better with a Star Wars flare thrown in. And if you’re looking for a little more protection or additional features, there are seven different case styles you can choose from that are pretty much the same. Grogu imagery.

Rounding up the most affordable offerings from CASETiFY Mandalorian cases, today I’m also looking at most expensive Star Wars iPhone 14 case. The limited-edition Beskar Ingot case comes with one of the most premium builds we’ve seen from CASETiFY, and it’s worth the price. a huge one $112.

Delivering on that value, the build features an engraved metal backplate designed to look like a Beskar ingot; each of the ribbons running through the case is slightly etched into the back plate giving it a slight texture. The same is true for the Imperial logo stamped in the lower corner, which completes the in-universe metal look.

The case bumper swaps that metal for a silver rubber one that offers extra protection. It looks almost nothing except the Beskar itself, and really follows the chromed design. You could hardly tell it wasn’t part of another case as a piece of cut metal, but that just speaks to the quality that CASETiFY delivered this time.

It’s all made up The $112 price a little easier to swallow for this Star Wars fan. I just adore the case and find it to be the real highlight of the CASETiFY Mandalorian collection. That is if you are really making me choose, sorry Grogu.


Although there is a downside to the cover. Being made of metal means it won’t work with Apple’s MagSafe charging tech, let alone Qi charging either. It’s something to be aware of, but the CASETiFY at least adds a MagSafe ring, so you can still use wallet mounts and accessories. I mean it’s the least they can do for the price tagafter all.

9to5Toys’ Take

What can I say, CASETiFY? You won me over again. I thought your Star Wars cases last year would go down as some of my favorite iPhone covers of all time, and then you went and outdid yourself for the new Mandalorian collection. As cute as the Grogu case is, there really isn’t anything like the Beskar Ingot case on the market. Its limited edition nature definitely making this one of my favorite covers ever released and will be practically glued to my iPhone for the next few months. I honestly don’t mind losing MagSafe charging, the look and feel is awesome to me.

New release after new release, CASETiFY remains one of our favorite smartphone accessory creations on the market, and the new Star Wars collection couldn’t be a better example. There’s no telling how long all the gear will be in stock, so be sure to lock-in your order while you can. If all the text above doesn’t quite shine a review as you can see, I’d put my money where my mouth is and buy another one of the CASETiFY Mandalorian iPhone cases – specifically the N-1 Starfighter Mirror cover.

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