Closing the Pay Gap: How Pay Parity Continues to Transform Our Workplace

Closing the Pay Gap: How Pay Parity Continues to Transform Our Workplace

Four years ago, we achieved something few companies have — pay equity, by paying all our employees equally for their contributions, regardless of gender. While it may seem like a no-brainer, McAfee was the first cybersecurity company to achieve this goal, and that work continues, especially in an era where pay gaps persist.

And they certainly continue. So stubborn. Recent data from Pew Research indicates that women in the US earn 82 cents for every $1 men earn, a figure that has increased by only two cents over the past two decades. At the current rate, women overall won’t reach pay parity until 2059.

We believe that nothing should wait.

At McAfee, we are proud to demonstrate our commitment to an equal and inclusive workplace with our continued pursuit of pay equity. In 2019, we achieved gender pay parity before adding ethnicity to our analysis a year later. Today, we are proud to say that all McAfee team members are paid fairly and equally for their contributions, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Creating an equitable environment is part of our DNA and who we are. In fact, half of McAfee’s leadership team is female and, along with their male counterparts (including myself), are committed to driving diversity at every level. Whether through our Diversity Impact Analysis, where awards, promotions, or employee programs are evaluated through the lens of equality and equity; or our candidate interviews where a woman is on every panel; or our comprehensive benefits and employee offerings centered around the needs of a diverse workforce — we’re proud of the progress we’re making, while knowing we have more to do.

Countless studies point to ways diversity in gender and ethnicity is related to business performance. At McAfee, we do this first and foremost because we simply believe it’s the right thing to do. Achieving and maintaining pay equity is not without its challenges. It takes effort. Continuous effort. If left alone, we know that the pay divide can reappear overtime, whether through our own unconscious biases or other factors, such as fewer women negotiating starting salaries than men. man We must be proactive and intentional to maintain equality. This means quarterly reviews, third-party audits to help identify and address potential bias and subjectivity, and immediate action when we identify discrepancies to ensure the divide remains closed.

At McAfee, we will continue to shape our hiring practices, talent management practices, internal mobility, promotion and award programs, and other practices in ways that create an employee experience rooted in equity and integration, so all McAfee team members can do the best work of their lives.

We are honored to play our part in the broader movement toward equality. You can learn more about how McAfee is driving meaningful change at our Impact Report and who we are