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Connecting the Dots: My Continual Ache Defined

It’s been awhile, and even though I do percentage tidbits extra often on social media and by the use of my e-newsletter, I sought after to do a complete write up of what has been occurring. I haven’t printed a weblog put up since April, so this can be a lengthy past due replace. It stocks some thrilling skilled information, but in addition the private because it pertains to my well being.

This neighborhood has been an enormous a part of what has stored me afloat right through the previous few, tough years. With my restricted bandwidth because of the continued spinal cerebrospinal (CSF) leak, I’ve needed to lower out one of the vital paintings I wish to do. The weblog was once placed on hiatus first, as a result of updating on social media (essentially Instagram) is faster and no more labour in depth.

However whilst I’ve now not been placing out new posts right here, I’ve spent many hours updating the backend of the web site, and dealing on a variety of different issues that I sought after to percentage. I’ve additionally noticed consultants and realized extra about my frame, sufficient that that data sheds an overly other mild at the a few years of continual ache I persevered previous to my CSF leak.

It has taken time to procedure the thread that now connects dots I by no means idea to glue, and I sought after to stay my neighborhood up to date.

Private Updates

A couple of updates about how I’m feeling, the ones hooked up dots, and the place I’m dwelling.

Shifting to Gatineau, Quebec and Dwelling Semi-Independently

Since Would possibly, I’ve been dwelling in Gatineau, around the river from Ottawa. My brother lives in Ottawa, and my plan is to ultimately transfer there as smartly. For now, even though, Gatineau has been a good looking heart floor. I were given to spend a summer time wandering right down to the water, seeing my circle of relatives, and finding out how you can are living most commonly on my own, with a leak.

Gatineau Quebec
Unfiltered / unedited photograph from a sundown over the Ottawa River, taken from the Gatineau aspect.

My brother and his spouse come over as soon as per week to assist with issues I can’t do, like getting groceries for me, and doing my laundry and my vacuuming. I’m fortunate that I’ve them to pick out up the slack that my leak steals away, and I can by no means whinge about getting extra time with other people I really like such a lot.

To start with, adjusting to the condo felt in point of fact deflating. There have been many stuff that I couldn’t succeed in, or use. The mattress was once too low and really painful to get out and in of. The freezer was once a drawer beneath the refrigerator, so I couldn’t open it with out making my CSF leak worse. The dishes and pots have been too heavy for me to clean myself, or use very easily. The record went on.

Those are fixable issues, in fact. I were given a bed pad, a tiny freezer, and new light-weight dishes and a small pot to make use of, thank you in no small section to the Amazon present playing cards you were given me for my birthday.

However the preliminary weeks right here felt in point of fact deflating. As people we’re so just right at adjusting. Every so often too just right, and we omit the place we in point of fact are. The standpoint I misplaced was once that I’m if truth be told extra disabled than I remembered, one thing that hit me arduous once I moved into this condo.

Like anything, adjusting to this new lifestyles has its ups and downs, and ultimately I were given previous the disappointment and began strategizing tactics to mend the issues I used to be going through. I additionally were given a kitchen rolling cart, a number of canvas garage packing containers since the whole thing has to sit down on counters to be reachable for me, and a couple of different issues that make where extra relaxed.

I used to be by no means certain if I’d even be capable to are living independently once more. So whilst there’s a lot I want I may just do, I’m very thankful that I’m able to have extra autonomy after years of being so depending on others for each and every little factor.

jodi ettenberg gatineau quebec
It’s 3.5 km to the Ottawa River and again, and I’m past thankful that I’m able to stroll there when my frame permits.

Spinal CSF Leak Standing

As I discussed, my spinal CSF leak remains to be energetic. However my frame both turns out to have produced extra CSF, giving me some further “uptime”, or it has gotten moderately higher. I did have a whopper of a setback prior to my birthday in August, however in the long run I’ve come again to baseline once more. That baseline now could be higher than it was once ultimate 12 months right now. I get round 5-6 hours of status time an afternoon, with many breaks to lie down in between.

The online of that uptime is that I’m able to put some additional paintings in, and I’ve thus divvied up my hours towards one of the vital initiatives underneath. I’ve additionally been ready to deal with longer walks, which all the time is helping raise the spirits.

A share of that uptime is going towards the must haves of lifestyles, since I’m dwelling on my own. Doing my very own dishes, making ready my very own meals—all of it takes effort and time, and ache. However it’s been superb, and non violent, and prefer rediscovering myself once more.

My lifestyles does stay very small, and an “thrilling” day for me is once I opt for a moderately longer stroll than same old, or make some growth in different ways. Like ultimate month, when I used to be ready to head and get take-out meals at a cafe on my own, for the primary time in a few years. It’s now not anyplace close to the depth of the lifestyles I used to steer, however it stays greater than I believed I’d be capable to claw again.

The little issues are what I now have a good time. And I’m fortunate to have others right here to have a good time with me.

Offended Mast Cells

I latterly completed an overly lengthy mast mobile activation dysfunction web page. Smartly, for now it’s completed! I replace it when new research or analysis comes out.

mast cell activation syndrome symptoms and treatment
Mast cells!

Lots of you know the way tricky the ultimate years were when it comes to reactivity to meals, environments, and different unusual new triggers—like daylight. A few of these problems began once I were given unwell in 2013, however I if truth be told had a few years as a kid the place I’d cough and itch whilst seeking to sleep. This went away once I hit puberty, and remained most commonly in repose till 2013. Then, when a lumbar puncture gave me a CSF leak, the sleeplessness, itchiness, tickling in my throat and extra got here again, along with many new problems. This culminated in my going into anaphylaxis at the desk right through my ultimate spherical of blood patching.

Ever since, I’ve been suffering to stabilize and calm my immune gadget. I began finding out about mast cells as a result of different CSF leakers with advanced circumstances additionally gave the impression to have this factor. It was once a fellow leaker who prompt I glance into it to start with.

From the web page I wrote:

Mast cells are “sentinels” of the immune gadget, a kind of white blood mobile that is helping keep an eye on the immune processes within the frame. They’re known as resident immune cells as a result of they are living in tissues and now not in our bloodstream. They usually are living in tissues in all places the frame, from the connective tissue, to the endothelial cells, to the epithelial cells, or even within the mind.

Through the years, I stored an enormous folder of notes, research, and protocols and whittled down my very own self-experimentation to one thing that has labored. I used to be ready to self-refer to a expert outdoor of Canada (fortunately my international commute insurance coverage lined the lab paintings had to take a look at for it, however now not the specialist appointments themselves), and commute to the US to do the specified checking out.

Trying out showed that I do, if truth be told, have this dysfunction. It’s a doozy, and it impacts each and every facet of my daily lifestyles, along with the leak. I went from consuming heaps of boulevard meals and touring the sector, to going into anaphylaxis with sure smells, meals, or insect stings.

Given what number of people have written me over time with unusual reactions, hives, thick sticky blood, bone ache, rashes, itching, complications, and a lot more, I sought after to percentage the assets web page as it is going into signs brought about by way of each and every of the methods suffering from mast cells when they’re dysfunctional.

As well as, the superiority of long-covid right through the pandemic is related. Anecdotally, a lot of you wrote in to mention that you just’ve been identified with a mast mobile dysfunction following a COVID-19 an infection. This fits one of the vital literature, however analysis is ongoing on this space. No less than one mast mobile specialist has the same opinion. It’s additionally very similar to what took place once I were given unwell in 2013.

Given the ones numbers, I sought after to ensure I had a useful resource web page for the ones of you with lengthy covid, too. It has felt so bewildering to regulate and take on this very erratic situation and I know the way arduous it may be to take a look at the scads of very contradictory data on-line and take a look at to make sense of it.

Whilst I’m clearly now not a scientific physician, nor do I play one on TV, I’m hoping my analysis notes will assist sufferers navigate this difficult illness.

Wonky Connective Tissue

Some other thriller solved. It seems that I additionally have a genetic situation that has effects on my connective tissue. It’s known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), of which there are other subtypes. In step with the geneticist I noticed, I’ve the hypermobile sort (known as hEDS), the subtype the place the gene has now not but been discovered. Analysis is thus made in response to scientific findings.

Long ago once I began writing about this spinal faucet and what took place thereafter, I stated that the sufferers that had connective tissue issues have been those who gave the impression to have the worst results.

Unfortunately I’m in that boat.

The geneticist showed that disparate problems I by no means would have idea to glue all lead again to my collagen synthesis. And that the worsening expression of this situation additionally explains the years of continual ache since I were given unwell in 2013. (It sounds as if it’s additionally why I glance so younger, even though the remainder of my frame feels love it’s 90 years previous.)

My appointment with the geneticist was once an amazing one. For starters, she was once stunned by way of the drive of what I put my frame thru right through my a few years of commute. She instructed me she was once stunned it took goodbye for the whole thing to in point of fact cave in. She showed that during a few of her sufferers, getting a nasty virus can irritate the underlying collagen problems, which dovetails with the adjustments in my frame and pores and skin once I were given unwell in 2013.

However even prior to then, there have been such a lot of unusual quirks that ran in portions of my circle of relatives however didn’t appear to impact my buddies. The ones incorporated how my ligaments smoothly tore, how I had not on time wound therapeutic, how my pores and skin was once comfortable and velvety and skinny, how versatile I used to be, the truth that native anesthetics don’t paintings for me—and extra.

This ultimate issue was once additionally why my spinal faucet was once so excruciatingly painful.

Previous to the lumbar puncture, any issues I raised to medical doctors about my emerging ache ranges or easily-obtained accidents have been merely disregarded as “pressure.” This minimization or ignoring of signs isn’t new, however is commonplace. Says geneticist Dr. Clair Francomano,

“Numerous other people listen that it’s all of their head, and that there is not any physiologic foundation for his or her signs,” Francomano stated. “In particular in the event that they’re healthy-looking younger ladies, sadly there’s a tendency to push aside their revel in.”

By means of STAT Mag, “On a regular basis bumps injured her joints, however discovering the explanation took part a century

For me, the prognosis was once validating. The stretchy pores and skin and painful joints and so a lot more made sense. As does celiac illness and the mast mobile problems. A 2021 case keep an eye on record discovered that celiac illness was once some of the maximum commonplace gastrointestinal prerequisites related to EDS, and the affiliation was once a lot more potent than in controls. And a special 2021 research discovered that during hospitalized sufferers with MCAS, 1 in 3 had a comorbid prognosis of hEDS.

However it was once additionally deflating. Connective tissue dysfunction sufferers appear to be those the place the leak maintenance don’t hang. In my years within the CSF leak teams, the ones people with wonky tissues are those who blow out new leaks and/or have their previous ones re-open often, even with surgical operation. This data is a part of why I’ve been so conservative about pursuing additional procedures.

The prognosis additionally hit me arduous for one more reason: all the way through my lifestyles, I joked that I used to be scrappy “although my frame hated me”. I’d say such things as, “oh I used to be constructed from the faulty portions of other folks!” My ex used to mention I used to be constructed without a warranties (sure, as attorneys we idea this was once humorous). However the fact was once the other. Now not understanding I used to be a canary in a coal mine, I put my frame thru such a lot. I driven myself to the threshold repeatedly. I stubbornly stored touring even if I were given often unwell. Even if I handled years of continual ache. 

And all the way through I used to be mad.

Mad at my frame, mad at my exhaustion, mad that I couldn’t be “customary” like everybody else. 

Why did I all the time get harm? Or unwell? Or exhausted?

Now I’ve my solution. All the ones years when I used to be mad at my frame, I must were pleased with it. In spite of those underlying issues I didn’t know, it allowed me to look the sector intensely for a decade. 

Now I do know. 

Trade Updates

One of the initiatives I’ve been running on within the months since I ultimate printed.

Sharing Assets about Ache on Patreon

I created the Patreon so as to settle for fortify from this neighborhood, however it’s slowly morphing into a spot the place I additionally percentage assets for people who find themselves struggling for continual ache, or those that know any person who’s in ache.

The unhappy truth is that the majority people are in a type of two classes.

Over time, I’ve won many questions on how I’ve coped with my very own ache ranges. Now, I’m getting questions on how any person can fortify an individual in ache. So the Patreon’s AMAs are a spot the place I solution the ones questions, and upload further assets.

The posts I’ve shared there additionally move into how I made the condo I’m in out there, and what adjustments to the setup allowed me to deal with dwelling on my own with the disabilities I now have. Maximum lately, as infrequently other people really feel dangerous about requesting assist or accepting assist, any person requested me to discuss how you can communicate to any person in ache to assist them get fortify if they’re cussed. (I’ll be answering this within the subsequent AMA).

From comments to this point, those were in point of fact helpful. I look ahead to sharing extra.

Additionally, I’m now a Patreon ambassador! I were given an electronic mail from them in the summertime, asking if I’d be concerned about making use of for an ambassadorship programme they have been development. I’m certainly one of a small team of creators (out in their 200,000 customers) who have been permitted.

It’s nonetheless relatively new, and up to now it’s been beautiful to fulfill some in point of fact attention-grabbing, tremendous inventive other people. The ambassadorship is unpaid, however options workshop—I’ve attended a couple of to this point—and rewarding breakout rooms with others within the programme to percentage methods and issues/successes. Different perks come with 1:1 product fortify, social media options, amusing swag for my Patreon neighborhood, in addition to paid alternatives to take part in such things as product focal point teams or ingenious collaborations with their crew.

I don’t know the way they discovered me, and it’s intimidating as a result of lots of the different creators have upwards of 2000 Consumers, however I’m browsing ahead to collaborating! For the reason that it was once all of you who requested me to begin a Patreon, I’ve this neighborhood to thank!

In case you’re concerned about becoming a member of the Patreon neighborhood, you’ll achieve this right here.

A One-Time Toughen Possibility

Once I introduced my Patreon, I won messages from readers who sought after to give a contribution and/or fortify me in my paintings by the use of a one-time cost. I didn’t have that during position, however do now.

The Curious About The entirety Publication

In spite of all this pleasure of transferring to a brand new position, I’ve controlled to stay my e-newsletter operating. I’ve been taking part in round with layout (and emojis, I will be able to’t assist myself), and essentially spotlighting a couple of essential reads each and every month, together with extra amusing photo-essays and quirky items I in finding. I infrequently come with non-public updates, however the focal point of the e-newsletter is on proficient and/or essential writing price studying.

Whilst it’s on Substack, and plenty of writers have moved to a paid e-newsletter type, I don’t plan to take action. The Patreon is the main fortify gadget for my source of revenue, along celiac playing cards and the meals maps store. The e-newsletter I plan to stay loose.

Even supposing this website has been extra dormant than I would really like, I think satisfied that CAE has long gone out each and every month for the ultimate 11 months.

You’ll enroll underneath if you have an interest in receiving it.

A Large Piece about Psychological Mindset (Coming Quickly)

I had a put up known as How you can Get Via Horrible Instances that I had in this website, however I’ve quickly taken it down as I deliberate to post it one at a time. However it, and Instagram posts about resilience and reframing, stuck the eye of an editor at a large outlet, who commissioned a work about how I discovered pleasure once more in spite of my restricted lifestyles.

I’ve been running in this piece right through the ultimate whilst and it’s nonetheless in modifying, however I’m excited to percentage it right here together with the republication of the Horrible Instances piece.

Redesign of Prison Nomads:

You’ll have spotted that the website is just a little other!

Arthur the raven, my mascot, may be very outstanding. Ravens are such extremely curious birds, and I selected one as my website’s throughline with the intention to spotlight that I nonetheless am too, albeit another way to prior to.

arthur the raven legal nomads

And, a brand new slogan: all for the whole thing. I’m not telling tales thru meals, in order that slogan needed to move. The brand new brand displays a divergence from my prior lifetime of commute and meals, but in addition the reality of who I all the time was once: any person who sought after to be told up to conceivable.

I began to really feel in point of fact dissonant once I appeared on the ‘previous’ Prison Nomads, so this displays extra of the place I’m in lifestyles whilst nonetheless keeping up a an identical construction.

I’ve added well being and protracted ache to the principle classes at the house web page, too, since they’re now a larger a part of what I write about.

I had in point of fact particular concepts of what I sought after, in order with the ultimate redesign to the website I equipped the property (new trademarks, Arthur the Raven, and so on.) to a internet developer as a substitute of hiring any person who did branding in addition to construction. The property have been inked by way of my artist-in-Prison-Nomadsness Ella F. Sanders. The redesign was once executed by way of a internet developer who works for fellow commute blogger Mike’s internet construction corporate. Whilst her paintings was once paid, he donated his personal time professional bono to assist supervise the mission.

Publish Overhauls and Web page Updates:

My morning regimen is to rise up, make espresso, after which perform a little paintings at the web site till I wish to take a destroy.

This has allowed me to slowly replace pages and posts through the years, and stay Prison Nomads extra present.

Amongst them:

  • The gluten loose guides are up to date for 2021. They’re right here.
  • The gluten loose New York Town information has additionally been up to date to replicate eating place closures and a few newbies to the scene which can be 100% gluten loose.
  • I added a historical past of Belize phase, and a “the place is Belize positioned” phase, as a result of imagine it or now not that’s the commonest seek time period for this put up. It’s additionally were given COVID-19 regulations for visiting, if you happen to have been opting for to possibility going now.
  • I up to date the Vietnamese Egg Espresso Recipe with puts to get it in North The us, and new items and movies concerning the candy deal with.
  • I up to date my piece on sleep problems and jet lag with details about how you can sleep higher, and new research about chronomedicine and Covid-19.
  • I up to date my Vipassana Meditation retreat revel in with some new information concerning the risks of the ones varieties of retreats, and the way in some circumstances they may be able to result in a psychological destroy.
  • The Selection Careers for Legal professionals web page has been up to date to incorporate pandemic data, the upward push of experts within the criminal box, and a extra transparent breakdown of how you can move about moving careers when you are feeling beaten occupied with how to take action.
  • In November 2021, I up to date my historical past of chili peppers put up to incorporate the 2021 Nobel Prize profitable analysis on capsaicin, somatosensory receptors, and ache.

RSS-to-E mail Adjustments: Feedburner is not more. RIP Feedburner.

Google has been threatening to chop RSS-to-email choices for Feedburner for a few years. The carrier was once deprecated years in the past, and this July they in spite of everything stated that they have been executed supporting that choice. So I had to determine what carrier to make use of with the intention to get the ones other people their emails. (Since I slightly write right here, I had a number of time to do that!)

For the ones of you who opted to obtain Prison Nomads updates by the use of electronic mail, new posts shall be despatched by way of an organization known as ConvertKit. I used to be making plans on switching to them proper prior to my CSF leak took place, so it simplest took me an additional few years. My buddy Nathan began the corporate and is a in point of fact beautiful human being; I’d a lot relatively give my cash to proficient buddies than strangers!

In case you’re now not getting Prison Nomads by the use of electronic mail, you’ll enroll by the use of the shape underneath. That is only for LN posts (about each and every six months, when it comes to publishing time table nowadays!). My per 30 days e-newsletter above is separate.

In case you have been already subscribed to get Prison Nomads posts by way of electronic mail, you don’t want to do anything else. I sought after to provide an explanation for why the emails glance other, and let everybody know they may be able to additionally enroll that means if they like.

That’s it for now!

Whilst the ache I’m in by no means is going away, those initiatives and my newfound autonomy have helped make those previous few months one of the vital perfect in years. I is probably not cell or touring the sector anymore, however I imagine that I’m ready to assist extra other people than ever prior to.

Whether or not it’s serving to navigate tricky instances, working out ache and loss, or simply giving extra context to the diseases of family members, this paintings feels helpful.

And feeling helpful is going some distance towards lifestyles pride for me.

Thanks for permitting me to percentage this adventure with you.

Till subsequent time,

Edited so as to add: I won a couple of messages announcing I’m fortunate to are living in Canada as a result of I may just smoothly see consultants. Sure, I really like Canada, however that isn’t what took place. Canada’s gadget is superb you probably have a commonplace, pricey illness. You’re going to now not move bankrupt because of hospital therapy when getting remedy for most cancers, for instance. However get right of entry to to specialist care, particularly for uncommon sicknesses, may be very tough. I’ve additionally been in Quebec for a very long time and nonetheless don’t have a number one care doctor, since the waits are goodbye. I will be able to thus now not get a referral to a expert.

In an effort to see those consultants, together with right through my time at Duke, I needed to struggle arduous to get care. I believe one of the vital abilities you be informed touring long run observe right here, too; when a trail to getting from A to B is not conceivable, you begin to search for different, ingenious connections between them.

For me, this intended self-referring to the mast mobile specialist and to the geneticist, however it took a very long time to make it occur. Similtaneously, I stored seeking to move by the use of the normal direction right here in Canada. I’m privileged that my international scientific plan I used on my travels lined a few of these appointments.

The scientific methods in each international locations have their issues, and their advantages. I discovered it tough to navigate as I sought out those solutions, however it took my understanding that those prerequisites matched what was once occurring, then attending to consultants to look if the ones theories have been right kind. I another way should not have gotten care.


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