Family Of Victim Killed In Stampede At GloRilla Concert To Sue

Family Of Victim Killed In Stampede At GloRilla Concert To Sue

The family of one of the victims who died due to the stampede in a GloRilla concert in Rochester, New York revealed their plans to sue. According to TMZ, the victim’s family plans to sue GloRilla, fellow performers, Finesse2Tymes, the concert promoters, and the venue.

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Family of Second Victim, Brandy Miller, Plans to Sue

Count The Shade Room previously reported, Brandy Miller, 35, is the second victim to pass away following the stampede at the Rochester Main Street Armory concert on Sunday, March 5.

Miller died on March 6, and his identity was revealed shortly after.

Since her brother’s passing, Michelle Miller explained that her family has been working non-stop to retain a high-profile attorney. Additionally, he said his family “has no plans to back down.”

According to TMZ, the Miller family believes Brandy’s death could have been prevented. His brother, who was also present at the concert, watched from elsewhere and explained that the show was “total pandemonium right from the start.”

Brandy Miller’s Family Speaks Out Immediately After Her Death

Brandy Miller’s boyfriend Eric Smith spoke exclusively WHAM after the news of his passing was revealed. He explained that he is still processing “confused” feelings about the concert-turned-tragedy.

“I’m just confused. Someone can spend their money and buy a ticket to have fun, and you buy a ticket to your own death.”

Count The Shade Room previously reported, concert-goers began rushing toward the venue’s exit after they said they heard gunshots inside the venue. However, police found no evidence of a gunshot.

Smith explained that imagining his girlfriend in that situation hurt him the most.

“What really hurts is to think of the fear and terror that went through his head when he fell and felt all the pressure from the feet on top of him.”

Miller’s sister, Michelle, said she does not blame the concert promoters for her brother’s death. But he believes that “negligence” played a big role in this tragedy and that the parties involved need to be held accountable.

“I don’t blame the promoters because they didn’t push him to the ground or come here. But there are steps to avoid negligence in everything you do in life, and that’s it.”

On March 7, WHAM aBrandy Miller’s father also spoke off camera. At the time, he revealed that he had not heard from anyone from the Rochester Main Street Armory. Or from GloRilla, and any of his team members.

More Shocking Details About Miller’s Death

On March 8, News10NBC published an interview with Miller’s family. In the interview, Brandy Miller’s father revealed that his daughter was “killed.”

“He was killed – he was trampled, trampled …

The outlet explained that Miller was standing “near the front of the stage” when the crowd poured in. Additionally, when Miller was stepped on, he was separated from his identity and cell phone.

This left Miller’s whereabouts unknown to his family and friends. Additionally, doctors told the Miller family that Brandy lay on the ground for approximately 25-35 minutes before paramedics were able to enter the venue and assist the victims.

Miller’s father further explained his thoughts.

“How do you try to get 5,000 people out of one door? He didn’t stand a chance when he fell to the floor… And that being said, you’d think people would try to pick him up and help him up but they didn’t.”

At the end of the interview, Miller’s sister revealed that her family still hasn’t heard from any officials, GloRilla or her team about Brandy’s death.

The Miller Family Is Not Letting Brandy’s Death Go Insignificant

In an interview with News 8 WROC, the Miller family revealed that Brandy is a certified nursing assistant. Moving forward, the family is committed to honoring Brandy’s legacy, one that her sister says is positive and uplifting.

“She was just happy — a happy person… My sister is a Black, strong, African American hero today and in her death she is still a hero.”

Additionally, the Miller family revealed that Brandy’s heart, liver, and kidney were donated to save the lives of four other people.