Ghost Star Mary J Blige Teases Season 3 – Deadline

Ghost Star Mary J Blige Teases Season 3 – Deadline

SPOILER ALERT: The following story presents major plot points from the Season 3 premiere of Starz‘s Power Book II: Ghost.

Power Book II: Ghost It dropped its third season premiere on Friday titled “Your Perception, Your Reality” and as expected, it was full of sadness and disappointment following the tragic events of last season.

Monet (Mary J. Blige) is really going through it following the murder of his son Zeke (Daniel Bellomy). He is lost and healing can only begin by avenging his death—an eye for an eye. When her husband Lorenzo (Berto Colon) accidentally shoots Zeke in a case of mistaken identity, things get extremely complicated.

Meanwhile, Monet is so wrapped up in grief that she doesn’t notice the internal struggle going on in the family or that there is a new baddie in town named Noma (Caroline Chikezie) who is looking for whoever killed her lover Mecca (Daniel Sunjata). As a reminder, Monet killed Mecca, her ex who fathered Zeke.

As Zeke’s father, the Mecca property is transferred to Monet along with his penthouse apartment where he sends Cane (Woody McClain) and his brother Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray) to live temporarily while he plans the his next move. Guns blazing, Noma enters the penthouse where she finds Dru, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), and Brayden (Gianni Paolo) who is more than willing to sell his product to avoid him. Cane and Dru tell their parents about Noma putting more emphasis on Monet.

Mary J. Blige as Monet Tejada

“Look, I wanted out but we’re still f***ing here. Now figure this sh** out,” he told his children and wife before leaving.

Tariq, Brayden, and Effie (Alix Lapri) are back in the business hustling drugs for Noma with Dru and they need to expand a lot. Brayden continues to operate under the assumption that he killed Lauren (Paige Hurd) but in the final beats of tonight’s episode, he learns that she’s still alive—he didn’t finish the job. The rich kid may be many things, but he has been tested many times and failed as a killer who will, no doubt, come to bite him in the ass. There’s bound to be a huge blowback when they find out Lauren is alive and under the protection of Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook).

Speaking of Jenny, she confronts the legendary Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen) who arrives bearing gifts through information. The duo compare notes and agree to work together to bring down the St. family. James. Try, try again, Blanca.

Zeke’s school hosts a memorial for its murdered basketball star and it’s too much for the grieving mother to bear. She rushes out of the gym crying looking for a place away from the eyes where Tariq can find her. Not knowing who she can trust, Monet pours her heart out to Tariq and admits that he is the only one she can trust. He asks Tariq to help him find Zeke’s killer because his family hasn’t arrived yet.

Berto Colon, Mary J. Blige, Lovell Adams-Gray, and Woody McClain

Deadline caught up with Mary J. Blige ahead of the show’s return to discuss what’s next from Monet this season.

DEADLINE: Monet has been going through a lot this season, what can you guess where she will be when we catch up with her again?

MARY J. BLIGE: He’s definitely in a place of mourning, he’s grieving for his son, and he’s also sad and pissed off at the fact that she was his exit strategy, and now he’s gone—it took something out of him. So he’s in a place where he needs answers, someone will pay and he doesn’t trust anyone; everyone is suspect. He didn’t want anyone to see him like that but he couldn’t help but feel sad for his son.

DEADLINE: There’s a scene at Zeke’s school where Monet connects with Tariq and she trusts him. Is it a case of “the enemy you know is better than the one you don’t know?”

BLIGE: He doesn’t trust Tariq either but he trusts Tariq as Tariq and he will answer to him even if he has to stab someone in the back. So she trusts that about him because that’s the kind of relationship they have. He didn’t really trust her either.

DEADLINE: Noma is new in town and also looking for revenge to catch Monet at a low point, will there be a showdown?

BLIGE: [Laughs] Oh, there really is but remember that Monet was brilliant. He is a strategist and he is not there for cutting. He was trying to figure out where it was coming from. He will only kill someone once he knows who it is. And he’s going to look at certain things as an advantage to him and figure out how to improve and rock them on the sneak to get them on our team. Remember that…

DEADLINE: What was Monet’s relationship with Whitman like? [Jeff Hephner] this season?

BLIGE: [Laughs] I can’t even tell you because it’s so much… Whitman was just a nosy man barking up the wrong tree—he didn’t want to mess with Monet. He shouldn’t do that. He tries to give her a warning telling her that she can’t give it anymore.

DEADLINE: Whitman has become like a cat with nine lives and it appears his luck may be running out.

BLIGE: [Laughs]

DEADLINE: Good to see Davis [Method Man] navigating the world outside the courtroom and interacting more with Monet. What can you tease about their deal?

BLIGE: So Monet and Davis are together which is fun and interesting because Davis always has some information for Monet. [And on a personal note,] Just seeing my friend on the set is all fun and laughter. When they yell “cut,” we’re always laughing about something.

DEADLINE: Can we have another Mary J Blige/Method Man collab, please? Maybe something for the show?

BLIGE: Listen, as soon as they say yes, we’ll go in and do it.