Here’s the The True Motivation of The Mandalorian’s Armorer

Here’s the The True Motivation of The Mandalorian’s Armorer

In addition to creating beskar armor and weaponry, the Armorer is the moral authority for the secret he runs. As we know, Mandalore is destroyed, and people are scattered around the galaxy. We even had a touching scene where Mando taught Grogu that, to be a Mandalorian, you must know navigation, so you’re not alone. With their people spread far and wide from their homeworlds, having someone who can keep the tradition alive becomes even more important. Swallow said:

“I like to think that he’s someone who stands for what’s sacred and what’s true. He kind of becomes the heart and soul of the Mandalorian people and reminds them of what keeps them going. The creed is a something that many of them felt unworthy of touching, but through everything that happened, it was the thing that kept most of them going, and it was the thing that seemed most true to them.”

This does not make him dogmatic, though. He is still open to listening and learning, as he has been shown several times. He accepted Grogu into Din’s two clans and assigned him to be Grogu’s father when he learned of his feelings and his quest. He doesn’t believe that Mandalore is accessible, so he tells Din that he can’t get rid of his apostate state but is willing to listen when he tells him about the traveler who reached the surface. When he returns, he shows no issue or resentment about what was proven wrong. Not only that, but despite the things he says about Bo-Katan’s beliefs and how they conflict with him, he offers redemption to him without hesitation or even a demand for it.