‘Illuvium: Beyond’ Hits the Blockchain

‘Illuvium: Beyond’ Hits the Blockchain

Illuvius, the blockchain-based gaming platform, recently released its latest addition, “Illuvium: Beyond”. Announced on March 9, the game combines a PFP collection and NFT collection game featuring Illuvitars, hand-drawn images of Illuvials in the world of Illuvium.

Illuvitars are configurable avatars used as profile pictures in the Illuvium metauniverse. Players can customize their Illuvitars with five accessory slots and special skins. The first wave offered 25 Illuvitars purchased with ETH or sILV2 on the IlluviDex platform where owners could resell them. The Illuvium: Beyond point system is based on the rarity of Illuvitars, known as their Illuvitar Strength, which is determined by the probability of being cut. Illuvitar’s power depends on its rarity and the rarity of the equipment it carries. Players can permanently transform their Illuvitars by binding them to items, as Illuvials are primarily associated with one of 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Nature.

Illuvium is an Ethereum blockchain-based open-world RPG adventure game that uses the Immutable X network. The purpose of Illuvium is not only to provide a platform to showcase Illuvitars; also strives to offer a competitive experience. With the innovative points system in “Illuvium: Beyond,” gamers can compete globally and earn leaderboard rank against other collectors.

“Illuvium: Beyond” kicks off Wave One with a 24-hour live party and extended sale!

Illuvium is holding a 24-hour live party for the release of the Illuvium: Beyond Bundle Wave One. The Wave One Extended Run sale, which began immediately after Wave One ended, will continue for the next three months. Each standard pack from the Wave One Extended Run sale includes a random Illuvitar, three accessories, and a bonus level 0 Illuvitar, while the Megapack includes one rare Illuvitar.

The gameplay aspect of Illuvium: Beyond revolves around collections and leaderboards. By adding owned Illuvitars to an album, users can complete collections. These collections may revolve around specific types of Illuvitars, equipped accessories, backgrounds, affinities, classes, or card sets. The higher the power of the Illuvitars in the album, the more album points there are won. Completing collections also increases album points, hhowever, there is a balance involved as collections have multiple stages that earn points, so collecting many Illuvitars can be more beneficial than just a few powerful ones.

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