Keys to developing autonomous vehicle software

Keys to developing autonomous vehicle software

APEX.AI co-founder Dejan Pangercic discusses software development for autonomous vehicles.

Keys to developing autonomous vehicle software

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In this episode of the podcast, Steve Crowe and Mike Oitzman discuss the breaking news of the uncloaking of Figure.AI, a new humanoid robot company with a mission to create an affordable and ubiquitous humanoid robot.

They also discuss the features of the latest release of ChatGPT, which delivers a scalable infrastructure to support large enterprise interactions with ChatGPT via API. This formalizes the opportunity for roboticists to interact with ChatGPT through a program for robotic applications. What are you going to do with it?

Our featured guest this week is Dejan Pangercic, co-founder and CTO of APEX.AI. Dejan talks about software development for autonomous vehicles and how APEX.AI built a hardened operating system for autonomous vehicles around ROS 2. We discuss uses for APEX.AI in both on-road vehicles and for agriculture.

Episode timeline:

06:37 ChatGPT for roboticists

11:24 Uncloaking of

32:20 Autonomous vehicle news: Waymo begins full driverless testing in LA, Argo.AI relaunched as Latitude.AI. Tesla FDS recall.

40:02 Interview with Dejan Pangercic

The Robotics Summit & Expo (May 10-11) is back in Boston

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