Kris Foster’s Motorcycle Was Stolen: Who Was the Thief? Was It Really Worth $50K?

Kris Foster’s Motorcycle Was Stolen: Who Was the Thief? Was It Really Worth K?

In this new week episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other WayKris Foster received some rough news.

Despite previous assurances that he would not, he had to return to Alabama to testify in court.

What was so important then? he and Jeymi had to postpone their wedding? Putting the thief who broke into his house and stole a valuable motorcycle behind bars.

Today, we have more information about the crime — and, possibly, the criminal himself.

Earlier in Season 4, Episode 6, Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera took a break from furniture shopping to talk about something serious.

Kris receives a message from her mother, who tells her that Kris has to appear in court. Kris has no problem — he’s the victim.

Unfortunately, the timing could not be worse. Kris had to be back in Alabama for a few days, but those days overlapped with their planned wedding date.

Kris then opens up to the confessional camera about the crime that may force her to leave Colombia for some very inconvenient days.

“Many months ago, a man broke into my garage and stole my rare motorcycle,” he revealed.

The motorcycle was a gift “that my father gave me before he died.”

“I plan to sell my rare bike to raise money to advance our future together here in Colombia,” Kris says to the camera.

Back at the hardware store, Kris confesses to Jeymi that, if it weren’t for their new life together, she would never part with such a fortune.

“You’re the only person I’ve ever thought of selling that bike to. You know?” Kris told him.

“So it was really, really hard to have it taken from me,” Kris said.

He emphasized that, as much as he loves Jeymi and looks forward to marrying her, “I can’t no This person was sent to prison for what he did.” Understandable.

“That’s $50,000 that I lost from there that I could have gotten here,” Kris added. “That’s why I can’t just let this man go.”

Kris’ statement caused Jeymi great fear and concern. One, he had to change the wedding date.

Just a few days before, that would have been a huge headache. And, in this case, there is more to it.

Jeymi explains that it brought up old fears and old wounds — from when Kris ghosted her instead of visiting her. That was a painful test for them to go through.

But as for the crime itself that threw a wrench in their plans, well, the good guys in Starcasm look and do some digging.

The motorcycle in question is called the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. We don’t know how it received its estimated value of $50,000, as one would not normally expect one to sell for more than $20,000 — and usually less.

Additionally, even after the January 2021 robbery, Kris has identified a suspect: Zane Crutcher.

There is someone with that name — someone with a criminal record around Kris’ hometown. But we cannot confirm that he is the culprit.

Meanwhile, it appears that Kris’ motorcycle was later recovered and impounded by the authorities. Sadly, they left him on the hook for impound fees … even though he was the victim of a crime.

None of these revelations contain spoilers for Kris and Jeymi’s storyline. Kris might have more to share on Tell All.