Let this smart ukulele teach you how to play for less than $160

Let this smart ukulele teach you how to play for less than 0

Let this smart ukulele teach you how to play for less than $160.

Become a musician the easy way with 20% off this smart ukulele.
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For most of us, the sound of the ukulele evokes chill island vibes and a sense of playfulness. Pick one up and you’ll want to start strumming your vacation soundtrack right away, but the learning process that bubble can burst quickly.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is when you’re learning a new instrument — but it shouldn’t be. The Populele 2 Smart Concert Ukulele is poised to teach a new generation of players with an interface that can have rookies playing complete songs in a matter of moments.

The uke that’s huddled with you

Made from environmentally friendly carbon fiber, this ukulele sports PVDF carbon strings that sound great right out of the box. They are also specifically engineered to be softer on beginners’ fingers while still maintaining the all-important grip and stability.

That’s not the only way this instrument helps new players, though. The big innovation is a smart fretboard with lights that guide the fingers where to go. LEDs provide instant feedback on correct placement and let you learn on your own. You can pair it with the PopuMusic app on your Android or iOS device and learn to play your choice of over 100 songs. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can move on to your own compositions once you’ve got the basics down.

Plays well with others

The Populele 2 has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity so you can pair it with your favorite smart speaker, and that’s just the beginning of the features. A built-in metronome helps with your rhythm and a line graph lets you prepare for the next notes in each song. You can also share a concert with friends remotely thanks to the onboard recording.

Start your musical journey today with Populele 2. It’s in black, whiteo silver versions, all available for 20% off MSRP at $159.99.

Prices are subject to change.