Meet Aliyah’s Interlude, The Fashion Icon Who Created #Aliyahcore

Meet Aliyah’s Interlude, The Fashion Icon Who Created #Aliyahcore

For Women’s History Month 2023, The Shade Room’s “He is a TrailblazerThe series celebrates women who have broken glass ceilings and made groundbreaking contributions across creative lines on social media. Join us to celebrate these inspiring trailblazers who are empowering future generations.

In an era where content creation is more accessible than ever, Aliyah’s Interlude has proven himself The “IT Girl” of social media!

This Atlanta-based fashionista has a strong presence in Instagram, Twitter, TikTokand YouTubewhich allowed him to put his eponymous aesthetic—#Aliyahcore—on many people’s radars!

Aliyah Brings Her Beloved #Aliyahcore Style to the Internet

In addition to captivating fans with her style through photos, Aliyah also provided several tutorials on how to achieve the #Aliyahcore look. The aesthetic consists of many accessories, including (but not limited to) double-up belts, fishnets, earmuffs, garters, and feathers.

Mini skirts, bikini tops, statement-making boots, and midriff-baring shirts are also used to create #Aliyahcore outfits, which are all about being cute, spicy, and unapologetically expressive.

Additionally, pink is ESSENTIAL in #Aliyahcore, and colors like black, white, and red are also often combined.


OTHER GRWMM #aliyahcore EDIT!!! Gotta go back to my pink roots!!! 🤭😭😭 #aliyahcore #fyp

♬ original sound – aliyahsinterlude


Replying to @romiomi1711 FINALLY STYLING THE BIG RED BOOTS IN ALIYAHCORE 🤭💖💞 💕💞!! ear muffs from @handsomegirly #fyp #aliyahcore #green screen

♬ original sound – aliyahsinterlude

This content caught a lot of people’s attention and encouraged them to create their own Aliyah-inspired looks, which were shared online by tagging #Aliyahcore.

We should also add that style is for everyone, as Aliyah has shown men in the past.


Replying to @jamess.raww First Aliyahcore 4 men outfit 🤭💖, it can be female or male whichever you choose lol , check out @SajalieX music 🖤🖤 #fyp #aliyahcore

♬ original sound – aliyahsinterlude

With all the attention Aliyah has drawn to her own aesthetic, she’s cemented her status as a fashion trailblazer that’s taking over the internet!

She Is Actively ‘Making Strides’ In Fashion and Beauty

At the forefront of his own aesthetic, so are we have to give a shoutout to Aliyah’s other major moves!

First, Aliyah notably caught the attention of MAC Cosmetics and was featured in a recent commercial to promote the brand’s Locked Kiss Ink formula. IKTR!

She also recently walked in London Fashion Week, and Aliyah even had the chance to close the MOWALOLA show.

Aliyah reflected warmly on these major steps last month, noting that “being a darkskinned girl making strides in the fashion industry is amazing to watch.”

We should also add that diehard #Aliyahcore fans will be pleased to know that she recently spoke about the prospect of starting her own bag line.

As such, Aliyah’s status as a striking fashion icon is undeniable, and—while her eponymous aesthetic continues to draw fans in—she’s making some serious moves!

Shoutout to Aliyah’s Interlude, and we can’t wait to see what else this trailblazin’ fashionista does!