NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Weblog

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Weblog

Authentic textual content from Lab-Oratory, December 1957, web page 8

“AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION…you understand the pitch. It is outdated but it surely by no means is going out of fashion. One of the best ways to care for fumes, gasoline, air pollution, and so on., isn’t to have them within the first position. But when they do happen thru coincidence you once in a while want some air — rapid! If it is in a tank and masks shut by means of, you should be capable of use it. Thus, the cause of the job above, which happened subsequent to the Hearth Area a couple of weeks in the past.

Jack Lawless, Plant Coverage and Protection (within the center taking a look like an over-dressed pores and skin diver) has been supplying shoppers to James Flannery, a consultant of Scott Aviation Corp., for instruction on the correct process on dealing with the Scott Breath Air Pak. Left to proper: Dr. Robert Poynter (Chemistry), Flannery, Lawless, Roy Vincent (Plant Coverage and Protection) and Julia Whittick (Chemistry).


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