Nicole and Mahmoud Clash Over Clothes Again: Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Together!

Nicole and Mahmoud Clash Over Clothes Again: Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Together!

Even before he boarded his flight to be reunited with his wife, Nicole Sherbiny was scary his return to Egypt.

Her husband forced her clothes within minutes of her arrival. And he was visibly overwhelmed at his family’s home. She loves Mahmoud, but she is not having fun.

And just because they love each other doesn’t mean they don’t fight. A lot.

In a sneak peek look at Sunday’s episode, Mahmoud blasts Nicole past wearing short sleeves, falling down and saying they shouldn’t be together.

No wonder Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud Elsherbiny are fighting over her clothes.

That seems like a given. We’ve only seen them together for a few episodes, but it’s like a central element of their marriage. Not beautiful! But central.

Mahmoud also sometimes seems to tell Nicole what she wants to hear and then moves the goalpost. At least, that’s what it seemed to him. We must consider that there may be miscommunications at play.

Mahmoud insists that he does not want Nicole to “change”, except for what clothes she wears.

Obviously, anyone visiting Egypt may need to adjust their wardrobe. For example, people may want to cover their shoulders in public unless they are at a beach resort.

And being in Mahmoud’s family home required more adjustment for Nicole. But Mahmoud’s demands go beyond all that. In fact, they extend into Nicole’s wardrobe even when she’s not in Egypt. What?

In paradesneak peek of Season 4, Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Waythe two fight over clothes.

Nicole said that Mahmoud had previously given her his “permission” to wear short sleeves (interestingly, they weren’t actually short; they came down past the elbow) while she was in America.

In fact, Nicole mentioned that she wore shorter sleeves while in the US, adding that she knew about it. She wore these types of clothes while talking to him through video chat. Mahmoud tells him that this is not the case.

Their disagreement over sleeve length and their own memories of her wardrobe in the US cause tension.

In fact, Mahmoud grew angrier and angrier, eventually storming off and returning to their room.

And Nicole followed, clearly hoping to have a good discussion instead of having this forever between them.

There is nothing constructive about a spouse saying “yes. yes. yes” and another saying “no. no. no” like this.

Clearly, they have different memories of events. Perhaps they are both right about aspects of the discussion.

For example, Nicole may be right about what she wears — it is, after all, her clothes and her human body. And maybe Mahmoud is right that they didn’t discuss the shorter sleeves. Hell, he probably didn’t notice. Although he seems to notice a lot.

Mahmoud then tells him that he is “serious about the clothes,” adding “no.”

Like the audience (who have less context for this line than Nicole), she asks: “No, what?”

Apparently, he’s just upholding his policy of how conservative he is by asking her to dress. Not only in Egypt, but even if he is alone in the US.

Mahmoud asks why she “promised” to him then, and Nicole replies that, before they got married, she “didn’t know” how high her expectations were. They really, Really all of this should have been discussed.

Then, Mahmoud says that he doesn’t think that the two of them can be together. Or should be together.

This time, he was probably right. They seem incompatible.