Russell Westbrook just became the 9th player with most NBA assists

Russell Westbrook just became the 9th player with most NBA assists

Climbing the historic stat ladder is not news for Russell Westbrook, as the Clippers star has been NBA royalty for a while, breaking records every season. This past Saturday, he passed Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas for the ninth most assists in the league’s all-time books.

When Los Angeles faced the Knicks this weekend, the veteran star handed the ball to Paul George who made an easy layup in the third quarter of the game. That marked his third assist of the contest, but better, it was the 9,060th of his entire 15-campaign career as an NBA player.

Watch this Saturday’s game as the LA squad defeated New York 106-95:

This is a really big deal, considering that in the top 10 all-time assist races, most of the records are very far apart. For example, Russell is now 800 assists behind No.8 Oscar Robertson. However, in perspective he is only 1,300 behind icon Steve Nash, who is in fifth place with 10,335 assists.

So yes, we can say that there is a good chance that the Clippers athlete will surpass Nash’s record at some point, considering that he is only 34-years-old and should be able to compete at a high level for at least 3 more years. However, we cannot say the same about the 4th and 3rd places, because LeBron James and Chris Paul are still active players and can improve their scores.