Ryder Cup, a team building per Usa in Rome

Ryder Cup, a team building per Usa in Rome

Team formation is up in the air for 2023 Ryder Cup USA Team: the American players are in Marco Simone a month before the start of the competition. This was announced by captain Zach Johnson speaking about a group of “standard training” on the very field where from September 29 the Americans will have to defend the title won two years ago in Wisconsin.

There is a lot of Yankee mentality behind such a choice. The Americans know they are favorites but don’t want to leave anything to chance. Last time in Europe, in 2018 in Paris, Team USA wasn’t exactly a monolith in the locker room and on the pitch it paid the consequences.

Many of them will not be called up to Roma who have chosen to play in the Arab SuperLega. But Johnson doesn’t want to leave anything to chance and therefore to boost team spirit he will take all the players for a trip to Guidonia Montecelio.

Ryder Cup, USA team

Americans can’t wait to win our house. It has been since 1993 that they had no idea of ​​returning to America with the Ryder Cup trophy on their plane. Thirty years of fasting is as much for a golf movement as the stars and stripes.

“It will not be easy to win – Johnson admitted in an interview with the Ansa agency – but the fact that we have remained empty on the ground in Europe all this time is certainly a motivation. This is an important opportunity.

My team will be a mix of talent and experience. This second is never a negative factor but certainly not the most important. I want to build a good group, off the pitch.” The group’s trip to Rome is scheduled after the FedEx Cup playoffs (which conclude on August 27).

Johnson added that “everyone wants to get to know the Ryder Cup golf course up close and the goal is to have fun and bring the group together even more. Thank you to the PGA of America for organizing this experience on a world-class course .

The Marco Simone is very hilly, also good for the many fans who will attend the race”. Exactly for the desire to get together, the captain of the Americans brings Tiger Woods. The Californian is still Golf and having him in Rome would be a great hit in the media but not only.

“The Ryder Cup is very important to Tiger Woods. I don’t know yet what his involvement will be but he will definitely be part of our team. From afar or locally, his views, experience and wisdom are invaluable.” What role will the captain choose for Tiger Woods.

Almost unimaginable as a player (he can’t play in such a short time), difficult as a vice-captain (he risks overshadowing Zach himself). The tiger can be a kind of mentor, an assistant-adviser for all American players.