The BBC vs Gary Lineker: An own goal? | Freedom of the Press

The BBC vs Gary Lineker: An own goal? | Freedom of the Press

from: The Listening Post

A debacle with sports host Gary Lineker has sparked a furious debate about free speech and impartiality at the BBC. Plus, what could AI mean for media?

The BBC’s suspension of Gary Lineker, a famous footballer turned broadcaster, over a tweet comparing the United Kingdom’s new immigration bill to Nazi Germany in the 1930s, exposes double standards in British journalism and politics.

Myria Georgiou – Professor, LSE
William Turvill – Media correspondent, New Statesman
Ash Sarkar – Contributing editor, Novara Media
Martin Bell – Former correspondent, BBC News

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Jon Christian – Managing editor, Futurism
Melissa Heikkilä – Senior reporter, MIT Technology Review
Pranav Dixit – Tech reporter, BuzzFeed News