The Flash Movie Villain Finally Revealed in Merch Leak

The Flash Movie Villain Finally Revealed in Merch Leak

In the comics, the Dark Flash simply wore a darker version of the traditional Flash costume, with larger silver lightning bolts and red highlights. But the costume designers for the film went for a decidedly more intense look than the one from the 90s. With a look reminiscent of Michael Bay’s super busy designs Transformers infected with poison symbiote, the Dark Flash wears a heavily textured suit with protruding spikes or tendrils, lending credence to early rumors that the Dark Flash would be infused with Kryptonian metal.

But perhaps the most significant change here is in the identity of the Black Flash. It seems unlikely that the film will introduce Barry’s nephew Wally West to a film already crowded with other heroes, such as Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman. But an evil version of Barry follows the plot of the film, which draws heavily from Flashpoint crossover from the comics, where Barry accidentally recreates reality after going back in time to save his mother.

Judging from the movie trailer and from the comments of the new co-chair of DC Studios James Gunnthis version of Flashpoint will result in not just one or two alternate realities, but a multiversal adventure across several realities. So, it follows that one of those realities will include a bitter version of Barry, possibly from losing his love interest Iris (Kiersey Clemmons). However, due to the darker appearance of the Dark Flash movie, this version may have more power and a more sinister plot than the bitter Wally seen in the comics.