The Holistic Health & Healing Expo, presented by Natural

The Holistic Health & Healing Expo, presented by Natural

Evesboro, March 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evesboro, New Jersey –

South Jersey and Philadelphia Mainline: The Holistic Health & Healing Expo, presented by Natural Awakenings Magazine, is coming to The Westin Mt. Laurel, 555 Fellowship Road, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, on Sunday, March 19th, from 11 am to 5 pm This unique event empowers individuals to live healthier lives on a healthier planet, educates communities on latest in natural health and sustainability, and inspires them to live a more balanced life.

The Holistic Health & Healing Expo, presented by Natural

At the Holistic Health & Healing Expo, attendees can sample products, experience therapies, and learn from experts about the latest advances in holistic health, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. Presentations and workshops will continue throughout the day. The exhibit will close promptly at 5:00 pm Admission is FREE for attendees. Attendees are encouraged to sign up for a skip-the-line pass on Eventbrite. Free parking is available at the hotel.

As a holistic health practitioner, organizer Shae Marcus is excited to host this incredible event. The Holistic Health & Healing Expo is a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about alternative healing methods, holistic teachings, integrative medicine, and more.

The expo brings the pages of Natural Awakenings Magazine to life, giving attendees access to the latest products and services in natural health, organic food, sustainable farming, and green living initiatives.

Natural Awakenings South Jersey

The Holistic Health & Healing Expo is dedicated to connecting, educating, and inspiring our attendees. It is designed to increase community awareness and knowledge of integrative health care and whole-body wellness through presentations, hands-on workshops and experiences, and an exhibit hall showcasing innovative products and services. The expo features products, spiritual services, and environmental choices for a healthy planet.

Exhibitors at the Holistic Health & Healing Expo will showcase products, services, and packages that will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about alternative healing, chiropractic medicine, electric vehicles, green living, products handmade, including lotions, candles, and personal care products , healthy kids, holistic coaching, holistic practitioners, homeopathy, integrative medicine, intentional jewelry, and crystals. Intuitive readings and labor force, midwifery, and doula care. mindful movement, music and art therapy, natural pets, naturopathic health, organic foods, organic skin care, cosmetics and hair salons, Regenerative health care, sustainable farming, various workshops, and yoga and Pilates. All initiatives are directed directly at attendees who are committed to a natural approach to healthier living and a healthier planet.

The Holistic Health & Healing Expo allows attendees to join this community, connect with like-minded individuals and experts, and learn how to live a healthier, more balanced life. With the support and guidance of presenters and presenters, attendees will discover new products and services that support a natural approach to wellness and sustainability.

One of the highlights of the event was learning about regenerative healthcare. This emerging field focuses on simultaneously healing the body and planet by advancing practices that support human health and environmental sustainability. Attendees will also discover the latest in sustainable farming and electric vehicles, giving them the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their impact on the planet.

In addition to exhibitor booths, the Holistic Health & Healing Expo will feature a variety of workshops and demonstrations. Attendees can learn about mindful movement, music and art therapy, yoga, and Pilates. Intuitive readings and energy work will also be available, allowing attendees to connect with their spiritual selves and receive guidance and healing.

The Holistic Health & Healing Expo is a family-friendly event, with activities and workshops for children focused on healthy living and sustainability. Parents can discover resources for holistic parenting, including natural pet care and healthy kids initiatives.

Natural Awakenings South Jersey

The Holistic Health & Healing Expo is the go-to resource for natural wellness and green living on the South Jersey and Philadelphia Mainline. This is an opportunity to experience the efforts of Natural Awakenings Magazine, the premier resource for natural wellness, organic food, healthy pets, spirituality, sustainability, and green living in the region. Take the opportunity to participate in this exciting event and join exhibitors and attendees in promoting a healthier, more sustainable future for themselves and the planet.

Shae Marcus, the founder of the Holistic Health & Healing Expo, brings endless energy, passion, and extensive experience organizing exposition to the event. “This event brings people together wherever they are on their journey to a holistic lifestyle,” Shae said. “Building an authentic community that informs, inspires, and cares for one another while embracing wellness and strong, spiritual, and eco-friendly connections is the goal and mission of this event.”

Shae Marcus, Publisher, Natural Awakenings South Jersey

With more than two decades of publishing expertise, purchasing Natural Awakenings South Jersey magazine is the perfect fit for the dynamo mother of two. “With talent as a publisher and love of holistic health, together they form a unique combination that helps fuel the energy behind this exciting HHH Expo!”

Along with her devotion to her children, Shae is an avid animal lover with three rescue dogs—and often, at any given time, one or two foster dogs waiting for their forever homes. “In the belief that Universal and abundant love is available to all. And, when shown how, each person has the ability to fully live that truth and rise to our full potential.”

Holistic Health & Healing Expo tickets are available online or at the door. For more information, contact Shae Marcus at 856-797-2227 or email

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