Venus Williams Joins Effort To Save Nina Simone’s Former Home

Venus Williams Joins Effort To Save Nina Simone’s Former Home

As a push to help restore Nina SimoneTennis star’s childhood home is currently under construction Venus Williams join the effort!

Atleta supports the Nina Simone Childhood Home Project

The news came earlier this week via a press release from National Trust for Historic Preservation. According to the statement, Venus will specifically help curate an upcoming auction that will support the Nina Simone Childhood Home project.

This initiative to restore the site—located in Tryon, North Carolina—began shortly after artists Adam Pendleton, Rashid Johnson, Julie Mehretu, and Ellen Gallagher banded together to buy the house for $95,000 in 2017.

Since artists listed the house as a “National Treasure” in 2018, various fundraising efforts have brought in a total of about $500,000 so far.

However, Venus Williams has now joined the effort, and she aims to help preserve Nina Simone’s legacy by raising money to restore the home! In fact, he and Adam Pendleton are aiming to raise a whopping $5M.

Venus Williams Acknowledges Nina Simone Is ‘A Huge Inspiration To So Many’

Regarding her involvement in the initiative, Venus said she is “excited to be a part of this vast project.” We should also point out that the athlete called it a “privilege” to help curate the upcoming art auction.

“I am excited to be a part of this extensive project centered on the life and legacy of Nina Simone, who has been a huge inspiration to so many. Each of the artists Adam and I selected for the auction has a unique, powerful voice, and we were touched by their generosity and enthusiasm for this important cause. It was a privilege to work with Adam in curating the auction.”

As for Adam Pendleton, he said the legacy of Nina Simone—”one of the most important musical artists of the twentieth century”—should be preserved and simply “not forgotten.”

The auction will take place on May 20 at Pace Gallery in New York City. However, online bidding starts on May 12 and closes on May 22, and you can learn more details here.

Shoutout to Venus Williams for joining the laudable effort to help restore Nina Simone’s childhood home!