Where to Find the Shadow and Bone Cast on Social Media

Where to Find the Shadow and Bone Cast on Social Media

The Netflix Grishaverse is on us! Since first airing in April 2021, “Shadows and Bones“became one of the streamer’s fantasy hits and its young cast quickly captivated audiences. Now, the show is coming back for it second season on March 16, discussing some of the lingering events from the first season.

Based on the author Grisha book saga by Leigh Bardugo“Shadow and Bone” follows youth Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) when he discovers that he is a legendary Sun Summoner who can destroy the expanse of darkness called the Fold. One of the biggest names in the cast could be Ben Barnes, known for his roles in the Chronicles of Narnia movies, Netflix’s “The Punisher,” and “Westworld.” But for the most part, the group is mainly made up of new talents on the rise, with Li in the lead role as Alina and Archie Renaux as Alina’s best friend, Mal.

These young actors have many exciting projects in the works, so if you’re wondering how you can keep up with their latest shows and movies, scroll ahead to find their social media handles!