Wildflower Gardens Expanded on Ampere Parkway

Wildflower Gardens Expanded on Ampere Parkway

BLOOMFIELD, NJ– Members of the Bloomfield Beautification Committee, with help from the Bloomfield Department of Public Works, were on Ampere Parkway Saturday preparing and expanding the wildflower garden project they started last year, beautifying the median strip running between east. and western travel lane at the “Welcome to Bloomfield” sign at Ampere and the East Orange border as well as at Ampere and Bloomfield Avenue. Eventually, the committee hopes to expand the garden across the median.

The project uses a perennial gardening method, which involves applying cardboard, topsoil, and mulch to prepare the soil before planting to reduce weed growth. The committee will return on the morning of April 29, when the soil is compacted, to plant Cosmos mix, colorful flowers that are more resistant to drought and harsh environments such as roads.

The Bloomfield Beautification committee welcomes neighbors to learn and participate in the project. Interested residents should contact beautifulbloomfield@gmail.com.